Sailor designs, manufacturers and develops custom automation systems that are not available in today’s world-wide markets. Generally, there are no commercially available systems that will meet the needs of a customer’s manufacturing requirement. We offer solutions on improving manufacturing inefficiencies, while supplying the optimum custom-made automation systems for our customers.

Sharing values and information.

Injection Molding requires a high level of precision. Sailor’s automation systems meet this requirement and know the importance of resolving technical challenges when supplying the systems. Through the continuous sharing and transfer of information with our customers, we can provide our extensive knowledge in determining the best steps to ensure your satisfaction.

Sailor Automation offers a wide range of services in various fields of automation

  • Wet Wipe Flip-top Closure Automation
  • Air Freshener Automation
  • Pipette Automation
  • Medical Needle Insert Automation
  • Plasma Cell Container Automation
  • Petri Dish Assembly and Bagging Automation
  • Snap Cap Automation
  • Tampon Applicator and Automation
  • Deodorant Canister Automation
  • Food Container In-Mold Labeling
  • Beverage Cup In-Mold Labeling
  • Cutlery Degating and Bagging Automation
  • Brass/Insert Mold